5 - 1 = 0.

When I first opened Twitter at around 2:30am (Sunday Jan 27, 2019) and I saw 大野くん trending worldwide (2) after SMAP (1) , I started to panic and become anxious because it gave me flashbacks to when SMAP announced they would disband. And I thought Arashi would too. In the back of my mind, it didn't make a lot of sense since its their 20th anniversary and the whole "And More" concert lineup. Arashi will be undergoing a hiatus once Jan 1, 2021 hits.

I couldn't sleep. The dreadful announcement I never wanted to exist in a million years happened. The day Arashi announces a break... We've seen other groups fall over and over and over where they take a break and then officially disbands. I personally never thought it would happen to Arashi. I thought Arashi would continue until they were old and grey lol. But Arashi is special. I mean. they've been together for +20 years and formed a strong bond. I guess I always took them for granted cause their presence always felt like a home. Someone to come back to whenever you're feeling down. Arashi was always there to put a little smile on your face! 

I played 5x10 on repeat that night.

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Dream Collab

Lately, I've been stanning BTS a bit more than Arashi. I still love Arashi but BTS's content is more accessible to watch legally.

Wouldn't be amazing if BTS were to guest star in VS ARASHI for a FULL episode.

BTS speaks a little Japanese anyways. If needed, they can always hire a translator. Plus from a marketing standpoint, views will definitely skyrocket because they are two of the biggest idol groups. Since like half of the show is just playing games, it wouldn't be super awkward and each member can be themselves (and a little extra ;D ). VSA's production team can really go to town and be creative. Maybe a 2hr SP episode? (okay that might be pushing it haha)

BTS has 7 members and Arashi usually gets a +2 guest.

They also might have introduced themselves to each other in that one music station episode.

One can dream.

#BTSxVS嵐 (?) 


「untitled」 impressions

Arashi's album,「untitled」, recently released and I really wanted to express my impressions about each song on the album. Aside from Power of the Paradise, I have not listened to the other 2 singles previously. So pretty much, I'm listening to this album blind. Forgive me for all the repeated words, it's a bit difficult to describe songs without understanding any of the lyrics. Basically, I'm just attempting to describe my mood.

  1. Green Light - Fun pop song. Catchy chorus.

  2. Tsunagu (つなぐ) - Nice country rock folk tune and I love the melody of the chorus. Head bop!

  3. "Mikan" (「未完」) -  Jazzy and pop song. It's kind of like a mashup between Face Down + Truth. Love the orchestral parts. After watching the music video, I really love how it plays with the theme of light and shadow + solo dances were a nice touch! The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

  4. Sugar - Suave song. Fun beat and chorus. I imagine a very adult situation where a woman seduces these men or vice versa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). This song is growing on me every time I listen to it. "Falling into your trap" ~♡

  5. Power of the Paradise - Works well with the aesthetic of the album I guess. Was my least favorite single tbh.

  6. Ari no mama de (ありのままで) - Bouncy beat! It perks up my energy. Very easy-listening song. The harmonies are beautiful. Love the piano bits. Nino saying "You are beautiful" makes my heart flutter ♡

  7. 風雲 - Like the rock intro! Hell yeah. Pop-py chorus. Mmm yeah, the electric guitar rifts.

  8. I'll be There - Jazzy and snazzy. Makes me want to snap my fingers. Chorus is classic pop Arashi. Catchy song!

  9. 抱擁 -  Slower pace song but smooth and sexy. Great love song.

  10. Pray - Wouldn't be an Arashi album without a ballad song. A nice, calming, and easy-to-listen melody.

  11. Hikari (光) - Interesting use of church choir voices. Fun chorus. "LIGHTS!" lol. This style is not really my cup of tea but will probably be fun to listen to live.

  12. 彼方へ - Classic Arashi style song. Love the buildup to that beat in the chorus. It's an alright song.

  13. Song for You - HOLY SHIT 11 MINUTES! OHNO'S SEXY VOICE. WHAT IS THIS, A FUCKING MUSICAL?! SHIT THAT AIBA+NINO HARMONY. YES PLEASE!  GAWD SHO+JUN HARMONIES.  ALL THE INSTRUMENTAL TRANSITIONS BETWEEN EACH VERSE ARE BEAUTIFUL. "YOU ARE MY SOUL" CRIES!! IT'S LIKE ANOTHER 5x10 AND I DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAYING BUT I LOVE IT! 6 minutes in and the melody becomes a grand symphony. The harmonies all around are beautiful. The "Ooohs" and "Ahhhss" near the end are just breathtaking and spine-chilling. MASTERPIECE.

  1. Bazuri Night (バズりNIGHT) - LOL IT'S A DDR SONG. I could dance to this! However, I feel like the beat overpowers the singing tho. It's kind of hard to distinguish the 3 voices (Ohno, Aiba, Sho). If I didn't know this was a unit song, I would have assumed it would have been sung by all of them.

  2. Yoru no Kage (夜の影) - OHHH HELLO SEXY. What is this eargasm?! NINO, JUN, AND OHNO YES. Everything flows and hits the right notes. I never thought the word "panorama" could sound sexy until Ohno sang it. I literally "can't get enough" of this song. Their voices, melody, chorus, that staccato enunciation, those little whisper moments in the other ear, all the English words integrated into the song.  Just MMMMmmmMMM GOOD SHIT. CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP! Hell yeah. Can't wait to see this performed live. Hope Ohno choreographs!

  3. UB - Very soft and mellow beat. Much fluff. Much friendship. Aimiya love♡ I wonder what UB could mean?

  4. Come Back - Love the mix of hip-hop and R&B(?). I think this song is a perfect blend of Jun + Sho's voices and styles. Very entertaining song!

  5. Kanpai Song - ENERGY EXPLOSION! Sounds like it could be a theme song to a comedy anime. KANPAI! Definitely will be one of the "last songs" before the encore starts. Calling it haha. THIS SONG IS TOO MUCH FUN!!

Holy shit the unit songs are interesting, amazing, and unique. All of the member's styles complement with one another so well. Overall my favorite song is definitely "Yoru no Kage". I am head over heels with this song. "Tsunagu", "Ari no mama de", & "Come back" are like second favorites.

"Song For You" is on a whole other level. Very admirable of them to write and compose a freaking 11 minute song! This song is like another love letter to the fans. Absolutely beautiful.

Nevertheless, this album is going to be on repeat for the next 3 months.
Fantastic album and I will be looking forward to the concert dvds haha!

Hi Again!

Hello everybody! Clearly, I stopped writing on here cause university is hectic! I missed watching Arashi and it is impossible for me to catch up on their shows. I came here occassionally to see if there was anything new. But never really engaged with the community. I'd like to change that. After the huge commotion of Arashi having a concert in Hawaii, in celebration of their 15th anniversary, has rekinkled my love for them. I want to catch up so badly!

Currently, I am studying graphic design. It's a lot of work and very time consuming but a lot of fun! I am learning quite a bit so I hope to apply these new skills to present this community with great graphics! On that note, I will admit that I cringed when I looked back at my previous work. Hopefully that will change haha! Also, I am open to any feedback and requests!

Arashi's album "The Digitalian" is about to release [on my birthday :D] and I made this little wallpaper. Tumblr posted like almost every song already but I refuse to listen until I get my copy!  Enjoy and thanks for reading!
[Note: I used my Tumblr address for my watermark. Please do not edit it out. ]



Sailor Moon 2013 Feels

Many of you may have known that the Pretty Guardian Soldier : Sailor Moon is returning this Summer 2013! I am extremely excited about the remake of the series hopefully relating to the story arcs of the original manga.
These are my little hopes of what the remake will bring.

Sailor Moon Returns

[Note:  I tried to remain this long rant semi-spoiler free, but I assume you previously watched or read the original manga. If you're completely new to the fandom, I recommend reading the manga first, since the new series are closer to the original manga and a damn good story. They are now re-published so buy them in your local book store :) If you have time to watch all 200 episodes too, I hope you enjoy watching every single one of them]

Collapse )[sappy stuff ]

Yep, that's pretty much the main things I will be looking forward to [hopefully] the remake of the new anime. There are other little things I'd like them to change as well, but as long as they stay true to the manga, I will be extremely happy <3 Make us proud producers and animators!
I truly love reading and watching the series. I will always revisit her and I'm glad the newer generation gets to see what we once and still love. A cartoon anime worth watching for! I'm so glad they're releasing it world wide simultaneously so we get to watch it subbed (hopefully Funimation/fansubs) and see it in our own language. I just hope they wont censor a lot of things cause it's really stupid and meant for the more mature audience.

Sailor Moon is my idol in the animation world ever since I was a little girl. I remember waking up early to watch it and impersonating her moves. I grew up with the dubbed English version, but as soon as I learned about anime, first thing I watch is Sailor Moon, all 200 episodes cause I love Usagi that much. Even hearing any of the Japanese Openings makes me nostalgic as if I heard it for my entire life. Of course the English theme "She is the One named Sailor Moon" still fills my heart just as well <3

Usagi is my inspiration to make me become a woman I want to become. I'm not the most social person like Usagi, I'm the one who usually feels alone and lost, like any of the other senshi, but she helps me pull together and reminds me to have faith and believe.

Thank you Naoko Takeuchi for creating Sailor Moon <3


Nintendo Party ehh...

Soooo... my brother got the deluxe Wii U yesterday and I checked out the cover for Nintendo Land, and the Mii for Mario looked familiar to one gamer I know and love. Actually I instantly thought of him instead of Mario. THATS HOW CONVINCED I WAS!

Recognize this lovable gamer! 


LOL COINICIDENCE MUCH!?  I love you Nintendo even if you are not even released in Japan yet. 
Brought a smile to mai faceee and Nino's mii style hair <3 Reminiscing of never ending laughs and fangirlism during the NintendoCMs! 

Not even a moustache on Mario Mii's character tsk. Haha so much for Movember!

Long time since I posted.. One word,  pretty much sums it up!



 たんじょうびおめでとう 大野 智 !!!

Today i shall write in blue in honor of the now 31 year old man, Oh-chan~ I wonder what Arashi gave to Ohno...
I feel bad for even missing Nino and Jun's month D: D:  
In my Japanese class I have to write up a report for a  certain Japanese entertainment, and I originally wanted to do Arashi but unfortunately I dont know what to write about them o___o!!!!!! SOOO I switched my topic to Nino+Sho's drama, Yamada Taro Monogatari <3 I just wanna watch that drama again because its mecha cute and heartwarming <3!! And since we have to get the  class involved, I was thinking of doing an Air Guitar thing to the song Happiness <3 Cause its the theme song and ... yeah.

AND I NEED A STUPID BIBLIOGRAPHY, so if anyone can find anything YTM related, that would be really helpful :3

Hope people had fun watching the Kaibustu-kun movie ... (in 3D) Now that is one movie i'd definitely see in 3D!
I caught up on Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de (Sho's drama) and I am loving it... Although i really dont know how anyone could go sooo deep into detail when solving a mystery. Well that's Kageyama for yea. LOVE HIS RANDOM TEA TIME MOMENTS <3  I want a butler like Sho-chan <3 <3 

See you people during my winter break~




In those remembering their veterans, it is Remembrance Day. Lest we forget!
And its triple 11 day (2011.11.11)  Missed the chance for posting on 11.11.11 11:11:11 , but the thought is all there. Besides, I paid my respects (2 minute silence)~  Some other people just slept through this fatal second! 

Well its been a very long time since i posted on LJ, but ive been trying to keep updated with the Arashi/any other communities i signed up with :D I really love their new song, Meikyu Love Song and Sho's drama, Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de!  Still working on the single. I also listened to Jin Akanishi's new song, "Test Drive" ; featuring Jason Derulo and love it! I wanna listen to the whole album but I have no money D: and too lazy and.. other reasons... . School, tests, homework, understanding the homework, taking up time to understand everything else, lack of sleep, tired all week, waiting till the weekend to sleep, but end up not sleeping as much as you want to, and extracurricular activities, recreational activities (or in other words: procrastination), leading back to the cycle of lack of sleep.. you, YOU GET THE PICTURE!

Anyways, instead of me ranting about my boring school life; which i pretty much did, lets talk about lovely things :D Or the things Im updated on w/ Arashi xD Such a fan girl, i know <3

1. Heyx3 appearance ; LOVE THAT SONG WRITTEN/SUNG BY AMEMIYA about how Arashi came to be :D (CHANGING PEGASESU! One of Sho's epic reaction towards that xD)

2. Jun has a new drama coming! I believe it was called Lucky Seven or something Getsu 9.. Im guessing he is going to guest star in Sho's drama ne~ ;)

3. Nino did the N3DS Mario CMS.. Simply Adorable! There is one section where Nino just sits there, I want that game :3
Not just because Nino endorsed it, but because they brought back the lovable TANUKI SUIT from SM3 <3 

4. Ohnos birthday is coming up!!  Sadly i missed for posting on Nino, and Jun's birthday >,:   Also Arashi's Anniversary and A.RA.SHI Single's date D: D: D:  So no nice graphics to celebrate D: (Plus my PS7 was not working as well X: ) 

This is all on the top of my head sooo i cant really think of anything else right now.. OH!

5. Mannequin 5 SP!! niji_no_kakera subbed it for Pocky Day of course~  but unfortunately some user posted on Dramacrazy; but fortunately fans and supporters flagged/commented and it has been removed! Good job for them <3 THERE ARE RULES FOR A REASON PEOPLE! SO PLEASE FOLLOW THEM! The passwords have been locked from accessing the video now so i have to wait till everything is resolved. And it's funny, cause just yesterday, I sent a request to arashi_on's master request page and look it came true :D  .... ALSO if anyone has seen a subbed episode of  VSA  where i believe Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz appeared, let me know okay!  Just saw it! Thanks angelasyp <3  [edited 2011/11/13]

Makes me wonder if anyone actually reads the whole post.. Maybe you think I should just make it short and sweet.... -looks around- HAHAHAHAHA~~ As if! Not possible at all xD I wonder if people like reading looooooongg posts as much as they love reading their loonnnng comments ..... I feel that when you type something whether its a comment, story, post, text, email, etc... I FEEL THAT ITS WORTH IT WHEN ITS LONGGGGG!! Like for example: When you want to say, Thanks to someone, (like someone uploading a subbed video, its just common courtesy to say "thanks" right, but im like "Thanks, _(some info about the video/post)___"  That's right, I read, well mostly just skim, on people's opinions/remarks about the video.  

Sadly, I haven worked on any fanfics or anything as much as i liked too.. Still trying to figure out what im going to do in my own life before i could do this. -sigh-

And my god time goes by SOOOOO FAST now a days,  i dont know if its b/c of Daylight saving (I dont know how many countries do that) even though i dont know why since we are suppose to GAIN an hour of sleep instead of losing one.. But honestly it feels the same~
I love Doctor Who too <3 Cant wait till Xmas SP!
'Till next time people <3